A wedding cake is supposed to serve a few purposes: it needs to be functionally beautiful, taste impeccable and appease a crowd. Each year brings new trends, but there are some traditions that may never go out of style such as, having replica action-figures of the happy couple on top of a multi-tiered cake. According to WeddingKnowHow.com, some of the most popular cake trends right now are floral, naked, metallic, lace, chalkboard and marble. Below we’re going to explore questions to help make the process of solidifying wedding desserts easy.

1. Do I Need a Cake?

A great question to ask yourself is, is a cake necessary? Some traditions age like fine wine, and others can be substituted with ease. A cake is only significant if it’s important to the couple. Over the past few years, cupcake towers and bite sized desserts have become increasingly more popular than one large cake.

2. Trends Explained

If you aren’t avid on wedding Pinterest, you might be wondering what a naked or metallic cake is. A naked cake has historical roots tying back to times before elaborate sugar decorations, but essentially, it’s a cake with barely any frosting, and is instead garnished with fresh fruits, flowers or ribbon. A metallic cake is perfect for a modern wedding. This cake is typically finished with a bronze, gold or silver finish to give the metallic feel.

3. Beauty On the Inside and Out

We can’t emphasize enough, taste test cakes before purchasing! A specific cake might look desirable from afar but is disappointing after a bite. The majority of caterers will allow the engaged couple to taste various flavors before committing to one. This also provides time to decide if more than one flavor of cake is a smart idea. Different tiers of the cake can be different flavors, so it could be beneficial to get a few.

No matter which option you decide, just remember that sweet tooth enthusiasts will be pleased regardless, and after all, it’s your special day! Select something that brings joy.

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