As if wedding planning doesn't put enough on your plate, doing it with a growing belly means you'll be pulling double duty. With some smart prep work, navigating these exciting stages in your life simultaneously won’t be as overwhelming as it may seem.

1. Dress the part

Just because your body is changing daily doesn’t mean you can’t plan for a figure-flattering silhouette. The most recommended profile for an expecting bride is an empire waist cut in a soft fabric such as charmeuse, chiffon or English net, suggests Tova Marc, head designer and owner of and Couture de Bride.

“With softer fabrics, the flair can be made wider, then easily adjusted based on the shape of the bride,” explains Marc.

2. Plan for comfort

Anticipate tired (and possibly swollen!) feet by opting for shoes that are supportive and comfortable. Charlotte Abeleda of Chicago, who was four months pregnant on her wedding day, made sure to bring along an extra shoe option.

“I knew being on my feet so long wasn’t going to be easy,” she says. “I prepared myself by having a pair of wedged flip-flops for some rest and relief when I needed it.”

Abeleda also kept water bottles and grab-and-go snacks such as granola bars and almonds on hand to stay hydrated and energized.

3. Build your entourage

The biggest issue when planning a wedding is the stress that can come along with it. Ashley Patyk, owner of Magnolia Bridal in Saint Charles, Ill., encourages expectant brides to surround themselves with a team they can trust, whether it be an amazing wedding planner, a knowledgeable bridal boutique or a great seamstress.

“A pregnancy should be exciting and joyous, as should wedding planning! Let others take the stress off of you so you can relax and enjoy this beautiful time in your life.”

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