If you’ve recently gotten married, you may be experiencing the post-wedding blues. You’re not alone, and there are many remedies to pull yourself out of the funk.

Getting married is one of the happiest and most exciting moments of your life. So, it makes complete sense to be sad once it’s finally come and gone.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

It can be difficult to reminisce and enjoy the memories of your wedding instead of wishing that you were still looking forward to making them.

But there are many ways to keep that magic alive and enjoy the lasting moments of happiness that your wedding brought.

Here are six:

1. Share happy memories with your partner

If you’re feeling the post-wedding blues, you’re most likely not alone. Your partner experienced the happiness of the wedding too, and probably feels similarly to you right now. You can share in that feeling together, but also remember to talk about the happiest memories of the wedding. It doesn’t have to be over and done with!

Maybe you experienced exciting wedding moments that you haven’t yet talked about. Maybe it’ll be fun just to recap the night and tell your own versions of the story. You can bring up different moments of the event and reminisce together as many times as you need until your brain is filled with happy memories instead of wishing you could relive them.

2. Make a wedding album

Nothing brings wedding memories to life like looking through the photos. You paid a lot of money for your beautiful digital wedding album, so why not make a physical album? You can keep it on your coffee table and look through the highlights of your wedding anytime you miss the occasion. You could also get a digital picture frame that will scroll through your wedding photos as an added piece of decor to your home.

3. Reading through your guest book

If you included a guest book at your wedding or some sort of way for your guests to wish you happiness during the occasion, read through those notes together. This is a wonderful way to combat the post-wedding blues; by reading well wishes and happy notes from those who love you most. It’s hard to be sad after that!

4. Listening to your wedding playlist

Did you have a curated playlist at your reception that you and your partner chose together? A fun date idea to help combat the post-wedding blues could be listening through the playlist and having a dance to your wedding dance song after dinner or a night out.

This will help you remember the amazing parts of your wedding, reception, and dance party through the music that you both love.

5. Enjoying wedding leftovers

If your wedding was recent and you have leftovers, enjoy them during a date night with your partner! You could put out some romantic candles and maybe even enjoy a slice of leftover cake if you really want to relive the magic of your wedding. This could also be a great time to throw on your wedding playlist and have a slow dance.

It is an old tradition to save the top of your wedding cake in the freezer to enjoy on your first anniversary – but if you have it in there who is to say you need to wait?

6. Relish in wedded bliss

When you start to feel down about the “biggest day of your life” being over, remind yourself what that day was all about – vowing to spend forever with the person you love most. Remember that the best part of the day was agreeing to do life with your now spouse, and there will be plenty of “big days” in your life ahead, that you will experience together.

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