On wedding day, the morning of the celebration is one of the busiest times of the whole event.

The bride and groom and their respective parties are both getting ready, the photographer is getting some preparation and detail shots in, and the vendors are setting up and preparing for the event in just a few hours.

Typically, the bride and bridesmaids will take much longer to get ready than the groom and groomsmen.

Bridal party preparation typically includes professional hair and makeup for each member of the party, the majority of the before shots with the photographer, getting ready photos with the photographer, and maybe even a matching pajama set/ champagne moment. It’s a fun pre-game to the big day, and a final chance to spend time together as a bridal party.

For the groom and groomsmen, the morning of the wedding is a different experience. It will likely only take the party 1-2 hours to fix their hair and get their suits on; including the groom. If the wedding is in the evening or at night, this leaves the groom and groomsmen with ample time before they’re due at the altar.

So, what are some activities to fill that time and keep the groom occupied until the wedding begins? Here are a few…

1. Watching a game

Typically, weddings are on weekends, which means there should be plenty of sports games on TV throughout the day. This is a great activity to do with your groomsmen at your suite, home, or wherever you’re getting ready the morning of or afternoon before the wedding. The groups could even venture out to a sports bar or brewery for a brew or two, but it’s crucial to leave enough time to get ready and make it to the venue early.

2. A round of golf

In the spring or summer, some grooms and their groomsmen like to enjoy a quick round of golf before the big day. This is a great way to relax and bond as a group before making it down the aisle. Make sure to book your tee time early enough in the morning so that you can enjoy the game and make it back with plenty of time! We might sound like a broken record, but you do NOT want to be late to your own wedding. Be mindful of drinking plenty of water (and not too much alcohol) prior to the ceremony.

3. Breakfast

While the bride and bridesmaids don’t really have much time in their morning to venture out and grab breakfast or brunch, the groom and groomsmen sure do! Grab some breakfast at a nearby restaurant and fuel up for the big day. Maybe even enjoy a few Bloody Marys and mimosas; the bridal party most likely will be, too!

4. Last minute grooming

If there are final touches that the groom wishes to make to his wedding day appearance, the morning of the wedding is a great time to make those appointments. Whether it be a fresh shave or cut from the barber or a quick manicure or pedicure (yes, men get them too!); set those appointments ahead of time to secure a morning slot and show up to the altar with a fresh look.

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