Ah, the changing of the seasons. The transition from summer to fall means we’re ready to say goodbye to ruffles, bright, colorful accessories, and vibrant tones and hello to muted autumn hues, deeper accent colors, and cold-weather cocktails. With the changing of the seasons, we see the changing of wedding trends, from attire to decor and everything in between. Perhaps weddings will see a venue shift from outside to inside as the weather gets cooler, bridal parties may opt for a light sweater or wrap to go over their dresses, and dark green, navy and burnt orange will have their day in the sun. Trends come and go each season to make room for a breath of fresh air the next year, but there are three standout fall wedding trends that we will especially be on the lookout for the 2021 fall wedding season.

1. Dried Flower Installations

According to Martha Stewart Weddings, dried flower installations add something rustic, unique, and nostalgic to a wedding. All summer, we get used to seeing bright, live flower installations in pinks and teals. In the fall, dried flower installations are usually burnt orange, brown, and dark green. These colors look splendid together, and the installation could be set at the altar, hanging from the ceiling, or in multiple dried bouquets spread throughout the venue. This adds a specialized pop of beauty to your wedding and could consist of one type of flower or multiple to achieve the desired color combination. Full dried lavender installations are beautiful and give off a pleasant aroma, dried roses are nostalgic and romantic, and fried wildflowers are always a good idea.

2. Miniature Desserts

We aren’t sure why miniature desserts are having a moment, but we certainly aren’t going to argue about it. Perhaps COVID has made everyone more apt to enjoy individual desserts instead of splitting one massive cake, or maybe it’s because everything tastes better in miniature versions, of course. Either way, mini versions of desserts such as pies, cheesecakes, cookies, and cakes (even if that means just cupcakes) are becoming a more popular option in lieu of a dessert course or shareable wedding cake.

3. Emerald Greens

Whether it be shoes, accessories, flowers, or table accents; emerald green hues are being heavily incorporated into fall wedding planning. This color transitions well into the winter, and is perfect for cooler weather. Emerald green bridesmaids’ dresses have grown more popular in recent years, but this year they will likely be the majority, especially in silk/ slip bridesmaids’ styles. They also make beautiful table decor and excellent accent tones for groomsmens’ suits. Emerald shoes are a great addition to a bride’s ensemble, or the color can be sporadically incorporated into smaller-scale wedding decor like place settings.

These three fall wedding trends will be seen more often as we step into the fall season, and they will all work beautifully separately or blended together into one wedding. We have seen that trends change and catch on quickly in 2021, so we expect to see these at many upcoming weddings.

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