Your bachelorette party is supposed to be one last weekend of fun with your bridal party before getting married and starting the next chapter of your life. According to, the bachelorette party is typically thrown by the maid of honor and a few other members of the bridal party. It’s best for a small group to lead the planning, but the key detail to establish before planning can even begin is where the party should take place.

Typically, a bachelorette party is thrown in a city with lots of activities to enjoy. It’s important that the bride gets to enjoy what’s important to her, and that the city of her party represents what she considers a good time. There are many options, but let’s start with the top five in the United States.

1. Las Vegas

The first city that comes to mind when considering top bachelorette party destinations is Las Vegas. This is where bachelorette parties happen in most romcoms and is full of casinos, bars, exciting nightlife, and all of the necessities for a bride who wants to have a wildly fun time. Whether you catch a live show or meet an Elvis impersonator, the memories you make in Vegas will stay with you for life.

2. Nashville

Nashville is another popular destination for bridal parties, with honky-tonks, live music on every corner, and no shortage of rooftop bars. Bachelorette parties can be seen riding party buses around the city belting their favorite country songs. Bonus: music city is the perfect spot for a possible celebrity/ musician sighting, with bars owned by Jason Aldean, Dolly Parton, and more.

3. New York City

Of course, America’s most popular city has plenty to offer bridal parties. There are tourist sights to see, opportunities to booze cruise around the city, and diverse food spots for days. New York City nightlife is well known, but a more reserved bride may prefer to visit the museums, galleries, and shops that New York is also known for.

4. Miami

For the bridal parties who enjoy relaxing on the sand and drinking frozen cocktails ocean-side, Miami is the popular bachelorette party spot for you. There are clubs, there are bars, but there’s also plenty of beaches to enjoy for a laid-back break from the festivities.

5. Savannah

The South can also be an amazing location for bachelorette parties, and Savannah, Georgia stands out in the crowd. Savannah is a beautiful, scenic city with rich history and lovely trees lining the streets. It also has an open container law and is only twenty minutes from Tybee Island if you’d like to escape for a beach day.

When hunting for a bachelorette party destination in the United States, it can be hard to narrow down the long list of possible cities. Decide what’s most important to the bride first: whether it be food, scenery, nightlife, beach, etc; and then explore the possibilities that each popular city has to offer. Once you pick a destination, start planning and have fun!

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