Deciding a wedding theme is difficult enough as it is, but making sure this theme is trendy in the year that you’re getting married is a whole new beast. If staying on trend is something you’re interested in, there are a few ways to make sure that your wedding does so. Whether or not your wedding is considered “trendy” is ultimately up to you and your fiancé depending on your aesthetic/ decorative priorities, but some couples prefer for their wedding theme to hit the mark as far as trend-spotting goes.

According to, deciding on a wedding theme is the first decision before planning the rest of your wedding’s aesthetic. This is the first stop on the wedding planning train and sets the outline for the rest of the process. To make sure that your wedding follows a popular theme of 2021, you and/ or your wedding planner should research the ins and outs of this theme once decided upon. However, the first step is to select the direction you want to go in, and we have three popular trend ideas to start you off...

1. Rustic/Nature

The nature theme is quite prevalent in 2021, as plants and greenery are having a moment. This theme could include greenhouse wedding photos/ vows, a garden/ floral aesthetic, a living/plant wall, and all things nature. Some couples following a rustic theme may even opt to have their wedding in the great outdoors, with a forest or garden backdrop. Typical decor to go along with this theme usually consists of minimalist whites and wooden accent pieces.

2. Bohemian

This popular theme has been with us for a few years now but has not gone out of style-- which says a lot. A Bohemian-themed wedding often boasts pieces such as eccentric rugs as an aisle for the bridal party to walk down, living room furniture for the guests to sit on, lanterns as lighting fixtures, and macrame backdrops. This theme is perfect for a minimalist couple, and could also mesh well with a few natural/ rustic concepts previously mentioned. To paint a specific picture, a bride may wear a flowy, lace gown and arrive clad with wildflowers to go along with the Bohemian theme.

3. Modern

Finally, the modern theme is always relevant-- as the concept goes through phases and changes as often as trends themselves. Currently, a modern wedding theme features classic white decor, perhaps an abstract backdrop at the altar, funky hanging lighting fixtures, and a clean, crisp venue. Twinkling lights and fabric pieces hung from the ceiling are also common in modern wedding themes. This theme is perfect for a couple who wants their wedding to carry a tasteful, classic look without appearing too traditional or cookie cutter.

A wedding theme is most important to the couple that’s getting married, so it’s most important that this theme is something that both parties can agree upon and be happy to remember for years to come. Whether this means that the couple prefers for the theme to be trendy in the year that they wed is up to them, as guests will enjoy their time celebrating their loved ones either way.

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