A wedding reception quite often includes a few key things: catchy music, great food, and alcohol. Selecting an alcohol package may not apply to all couples, depending on personal preference; but it’s usually a popular aspect of the big day. Selecting an alcohol option is not a detail that many future brides and grooms fantasize about, but it cannot be overlooked when wedding planning. There are a few ways to go about choosing which type of alcohol, if any, is right for your wedding.

First off, decide if you even want to have an alcohol package. If this is not something that’s important to the bride and groom specifically; decide if you want to provide one for your guests. Not every wedding offers alcohol, and it is completely up to the couple if they want to have it at their wedding or not.

If you do want to provide alcohol for your guests, decide if you’d rather offer a beer and wine package or want to include liquor drinks/ cocktails. You must also select a cash bar, meaning your guests would pay for their own drinks, or an open bar, in which you’d supply the booze. This usually depends on the wedding budget and the couple’s spending priorities. Many couples also want to supply bottles of champagne for a toast. According to Zola, champagne should be at the top of your alcohol grocery list for your wedding. Whether or not you wish to offer additional beer and wine options besides this is up to you.

Typically, a beer and wine package is more cost-effective, but some people want their guests to enjoy a nice Mojito or Martini if they wish. Perhaps you could collect suggestions from family and close friends as to which type of liquor/ cocktails they’d prefer at the wedding if the guest preference is a priority to you. You could also incorporate this into RSVPs, perhaps offering guests a selection of a few cocktails and having them select which they’d prefer; resulting in the most popular option being served at the wedding.

Many couples decide to offer a beer and wine package with the additional option of specialty cocktails for their guests; cutting down the cost of liquor to only purchasing the necessary bottles for these drinks.

Specialty drinks are very popular for modern weddings, meaning a bride and groom usually both offer a signature cocktail. Perhaps the bride loves a good Piña Colada and the groom prefers a Manhattan. Maybe the couple wants to offer drinks that abide by the wedding’s theme colors, like a Blue Margarita for a wedding with a blue aesthetic.

If you’re providing cocktails for your guests and want to, another idea could be to name your signature cocktail something catchy that incorporates the couples’ new last name; such as a “Thompson Tequila Sunrise” or “Jackson Jack and Cokes.”

Selecting an alcohol option for a wedding may seem like a trivial task, but it usually contributes to the overall experience of the reception; an important wedding detail to many couples. No matter which package you select, if any, you will be happy that you did so ahead of time.

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