Embrace your inner disco queen because the ’70s are back! From fashion to home décor, evidence of the era’s iconic style is everywhere. Even weddings are feeling the decade’s fun and funky influence.

“I think the ’70s are popular now because it’s more about being engaged in the moment. I think we’re kind of in the midst of another cultural revolution, so it harkens back to when we were in the midst of one before,” explains Janet Tacy, owner and lead designer of Sandcastle Celebrations. 

While often overshadowed by the surrounding decades, the 1970s have a very distinct look that’s perfect for couples with a vintage sense of style. 

“Design-wise, it’s always been my favorite era, just because it’s so different. It definitely has a timestamp,” says Tacy. “It was always made fun of, but now it seems like everyone is looking back fondly on that aesthetic and wanting to replicate that.”

The key to bringing the free-spirited era into the 21st century is keeping things simple. That way, you avoid your wedding turning into a kitschy blast from the past. 

“That’s the hardest part about design, is refining it and taking away the excess. Having it be distilled to a simpler form. That would be my advice – don’t go crazy,” advises Tacy.

Need some retro inspiration? Here are a few quintessential 1970’s era ideas to incorporate into your modern nuptials: 

1. Rich colors

One of the easiest ways to add a touch of the grooviest decade is with your color palette. The ’70s are best known for its psychedelic colors, such as turquoise, green, pink, orange and yellow. Brown and white were also fashionable accents to pair with these bright hues. 

2. Funky fonts 

One of the most recognizable things from the 1970s is its fonts, so utilize them in your signage and paper goods. Tacy suggests looking to concert posters from popular musicians of the time, like Led Zepplin, Pink Floyd or David Bowie, for inspiration.

3. Plenty of patterns

From pretty paisleys to groovy geometric shapes, patterns were big in the ‘70s. Pick your favorite, inspired by era artwork or wallpaper, and incorporate it into your furniture, invitations or even painted onto your wedding cake. 

4. Bohemian florals

When it comes to ’70s style flowers – the wilder, the better. So, instead of a polished bouquet, consider carrying a loose bundle of wildflowers with plenty of different textures, sizes and colors to achieve that iconic laidback, bohemian look.

The decade was also known for popularizing the idea of houseplants, so don’t be afraid to utilize non-floral plants like ferns, succulents or palms to add a touch of greenery to your décor.  

5. Out of sight style 

While you could have all the groomsmen rock oversized bowties and ruffled shirts, there are more subtle ways to pay homage to 1970s wedding attire – without wearing a costume. 

For example, rather than choosing an authentic vintage gown, look for modern dresses with 1970s details like an empire waist, floral embroidery or lace sleeves.

“I would love to see hats – bridesmaids wearing the sun hats that are embellished with florals,” adds Tacy. “I’d love to see more loose and free-flowing gowns. That’s kind of the direction things have been going. Have things be more comfortable.”

6. Disco-era décor

Another simple and elegant way to bring the ’70s aesthetic into your wedding is through vintage glassware with plenty of texture and color or patterned plates. 

Of course, it wouldn’t be the ’70s without a nod to disco, so consider incorporating the mirrored globes into your cake design, centerpieces or just above the dance floor.

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