When you choose to tie the knot is a small, yet significant detail. It will, of course, serve as your anniversary for many years to come. So, what better time to tie the knot than the most romantic day of the year?

“It is truly a miracle that out of all the people on the planet, you are choosing to commit the rest of your life to one person, and they are choosing to commit their life to you. Valentine’s Day is another symbolic reminder to be grateful for that,” says Emma Clark, co-owner of Moss & Maeve Event Planning and Styling.

If you’re a hopeless romantic, here are a few ideas for celebrating your love with a Valentine’s Day-inspired wedding: 

1. Choose a sophisticated color palette

While pink and red are synonymous with Valentine’s Day, don’t feel like those are your only color choices.

“We recommend incorporating shades of blush, mauve, deep plum, dusty purples, while also not steering too far from the Valentine’s Day theme,” advises Sarah Tokarz, co-owner of Moss & Maeve.

2. Go big with blooms

Flowers on Valentine’s Day are a tradition for a reason, so embrace it by incorporating plenty of them into your wedding décor. The more blooms, the better!

“Have your florist incorporate centerpieces with volume and movement, using a few different types of florals to give the centerpiece body and fullness,” advises Clark.

Another trendy way to add flowers to your big day: create hanging floral installations over the dance floor, suggests Tokarz.

3. Keep the heart motif subtle

While hearts and Valentine’s Day go hand-in-hand, this motif can quickly take your event from elegant to kitschy. The key is keeping things understated, like adding heart tips to your manicure or wearing shoes with a heart detail or rocking heart-shaped diamond studs for a subtle nod to the romantic holiday. 

4. Set the mood with lighting

“Incorporate a lot of candles! Floating candles have the ability to create a whimsical type of feel, especially candles of different heights scattered down the tables. Candles also set the mood and create soft, magical lighting instead of something artificial,” says Tokarz.

5. Serve up sweet treats

Another hallmark of Valentine’s Day: sugar. So, indulge your guests by offering an array of desserts inspired by the holiday, like chocolate-covered strawberries, red velvet cupcakes or chocolate crème brûlée.

6. Tell your love story

Ensure your wedding day tells your love story by adding personalized details to your décor. For instance, you can replace table numbers with the names of places you’ve traveled together, turn your favorite quotes about love into signage, or even write notes to each other on the bottom of your wedding-day shoes. 

7. Turn your guestbook into a mailbox

Instead of having guests sign a traditional guestbook, ask them to fill out “valentines” (aka cards with spaces for information like names, relationship to the couple, address, advice for the couple, etc.). Then, guests can slip their cards into a mailbox – just like in elementary school!

8. Dance to your favorite love songs

Nothing says romance like a slow dance, so be sure to include plenty of your favorite songs about love in your playlist. You can even ask guests to fill out suggestion cards with their favorite slow jams.

Just be sure to break things up because “not every guest will have a plus one and we want Valentine’s Day and your wedding to be an inclusive celebration,” says Clark.

9. Pass out candy favors

Send your guests home with a sweet reminder of the day by handing out Valentine’s Day-themed favors, such as mini boxes of assorted truffles, bags of pink and red M&Ms or even boxes of conversation hearts.

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