Color is crucial for setting the scene for your wedding. How, where and how much you use can make or break the style of your big day

Here are 3 tips to creating the perfect wedding palette:

1. Pick colors you like

Your wedding is a celebration of you and your fiancé, so your personalities and styles should be reflected in your color choices. Nancy Jeffries-Dwyer, founder of NJOY Event Planning, encourages couples to pick colors they love, not ones they saw on Pinterest.

“To help couples pick a color palette, I ask them to describe their wedding using a few adjectives,” says the wedding planner. “From there, I help them paint a canvas that’s reflective of who they are and what they like.”

2. Look to the color wheel

While personal preference is important, you can’t just pick all your favorite colors and call it a day. Narrow it down to a few contenders and refer to the color wheel to find tones that are complementary, similar and secondary to one another to avoid colors looking disjointed.

Not sure where to start? Colors that sit opposite and next to one another work well together. Pairing a bright color with a neutral is also always a safe bet.

3. Follow the rule of 3’s

Ask any interior designer how to stage a room and they’ll tell you that things arranged in odd numbers are more appealing, memorable and effective than even-numbered groupings. The magic number is typically three. Keep this design principle in mind to create a look that’s polished and pretty.

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