The ball has officially dropped on a new year! So, if you’re planning to say ‘I do’ in 2020, now is the perfect time to start thinking about your big day.

Need some inspiration to kickstart planning? Here are some of the latest trends in the world of weddings for 2020, according to industry experts for you to steal – or just use as a jumping-off point: 

1. Sustainable nuptials

Eco-friendly wedding practices have been trending for a while now, but experts expect it to be the standard rather than the exception in the new decade. 

“A sustainable, intimate wedding versus over-the-top affairs are sure to take the stage in 2020,” says Taylor Pilkington, a wedding planner with House of Oak Planning & Design. 

Sustainable weddings can take a lot of different shapes, including utilizing recycled paper and biodegradable utensils, hiring caterers that use local produce, minimizing floral waste and decorating with local blooms, or donating leftover food and centerpieces to community nursing homes or churches. 

2. Micro-weddings

It’s not just environmental impacts that are getting smaller in 2020. Weddings themselves are, too, as many modern couples do away with supersized guest lists. 

“Overall, I am a huge advocate for smaller nuptials where couples aren't taking on the burden of juggling decisions for guests they haven't spoken to in years,” says Pilkington. “Rather, [they’re] taking advantage of creating a customized experience for their closest friends and family.”

Plus, as a bonus, small weddings are also often more cost-effective and provide more flexibility when it comes to venues. 

3. No wedding parties

An easy way to streamline your guest list? Cut the wedding party. While this may sound harsh, many couples are choosing to ditch the tradition of bridesmaids and groomsmen and finding other ways to honor their nearest and dearest. 

Think outside the box and ask your loved ones to get involved in other ways, like giving a reading or blessing, singing as you walk down the aisle or even officiating your ceremony. 

4. Dried flowers

While this trend may sound counterintuitive, dried flowers are an innovative way to add texture to your floral arrangements. You can add just a few to your bouquet for extra dimension or go bold with an entire hanging installation of dried blooms. They also make additions pressed into invitations or as biodegradable confetti for guests to throw as you make your grand exit. 

5. Blue hues

Color isn’t going anywhere in 2020, but experts predict blue will continue to be especially popular. This makes sense considering Pantone named “Classic Blue” its pick for Color of the Year. 

Don’t be afraid to play with other shades, like navy, cornflower or turquoise, though! The color is super versatile, so you’re sure to find the right blue for you.

6. Charitable giving

Another way couples are turning their nuptials into a chance to do good is through charitable gifts. Rather than buying wedding favors (that most guests leave behind), many couples are choosing to donate that money to their favorite cause. 

7. Custom patterns

Personalized monograms were big in recent years, but this trend takes it to the next level. Instead of simply combining their initials, some couples are working with a graphic designer to create an entirely custom pattern that can be used in everything from invitations to printed tablecloths and backdrops. 

8. Inclusive menus

Gone are the days when vegetarians were stuck with just a salad option! Today’s couples are increasingly opting for caterers that can create inclusive menus so that guests with dietary restrictions – from gluten allergies to vegans – can enjoy a tasty meal. Even guests who don’t drink can get in on the fun with the rising popularity of mocktails!

9. Mystical touches

Weddings have always been spiritual events. However, not every couple is super religious, which may be why many are choosing to imbue their nuptials with mystical elements. Consider adding a touch of magic to your day by incorporating crystals to your tablescapes, hiring a tarot reader or renting an aura photo booth. 

10. Interactive elements

“Creating a unique and personalized experience is what 2020 weddings will be all about,” says Pilkington. 

And the easiest way to create a memorable experience for your guests is with an interactive element. This can be anything from mixology lessons or cheese tasting to live portrait painting or carnival rides – the sky is truly the limit for what couples can include in their weddings today!

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