Sure, some couples can’t wait to jump into their jammies and pass out after their I do’s, but many never want the night to end.

Reserving tables or a room at a great restaurant that stays open late is always popular. But if your finances and/or location allow it, she also loves the idea of renting a boat for a midnight cruise or getting cozy around a fire pit.

Newlyweds have gathered in a luxury suite, hit up nightclubs, rented out a small ballroom to create their own nightclub and hosted bowling tournaments.

For late night fun you might congregate at chic bars or enjoy a show.

But good times aside, you’ll want to take elderly and underage guests who might be interested in joining into account before deciding what to do.

That said, most folks will be drinking – a lot. You need to feed them to soak up the wedding alcohol and get them ready for more. Serve local favorites (pizza, burgers, tacos, hoagies, doughnuts, etc.) or fun late-night snacks like gourmet grilled cheese and milk and cookies. And be sure to have a cab service on call or rent out a trolley or bus to shuttle imbibing guests back and forth.

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