Bachelorette parties are often thought of as a wild, activity-full gals vacation for a bride and her bridesmaids. But for the introverted bride, nothing sounds worse.

If you consider yourself less the “partying in a sparkly white dress” type and more the “quiet relaxation retreat” type, this one’s for you.

No one ever said that a bachelorette party can only involve theme nights out at the club, party buses, boat days and male entertainers.

In fact, a bachelorette party’s main purpose is to provide a bride who is about to get married a vacation away with her closest friends and members of her bridal party; however, what that looks like is up to the bride. Maybe that means just getting away and clearing your head before the wedding and enjoying your final moments as a single woman with rest, relaxation, or activities that you enjoy that don’t necessarily include going out on the town.

If you’re an introverted bride, one of these 5 bachelorette party ideas could be perfect for you:

1. Cabin weekend

If you still want to spend a weekend with your closest friends in a calm, relaxing setting; plan a cabin weekend getaway in the mountains! You and your bridesmaids can cook dinners together, play card games, maybe lounge in a hot tub, hike and antique in a quaint mountain town. This is the perfect weekend for a bride who is looking for a little Zen before her big day.

2. Museum crawl

If going to an art or history museum sounds like your cup of tea and the type of lowkey activity that you enjoy, organize a museum crawl with your bridal party. This could be done in your closest city or a city with a lot of museums– like New York. Hit 2-3 museums in a day and enjoy taking in the culture and art!

3. Pottery painting class

If you want to stay close to home and do a day outing with your besties, sign up for a pottery painting class. This trend is taking social media by storm, and it’ll be fun to see what everyone creates. This is a cute way to get your bridal party together before the wedding without committing to an entire weekend trip.

4. Wedding DIY craft night

Do you need to create some centerpieces, napkin holders, or small pieces of decor for your wedding and need some DIY partners? In lieu of a bachelorette party, get your wedding party together for a fun night in– including snacks, cocktails, wedding-themed rom coms and plenty of craft supplies to DIY the night away.

5. Spa day

Did someone say… spa day? This is a dream bachelorette party alternative and will be much needed and very appreciated before the wedding. Enjoy massages, manicures, foot soaks, facials, the sauna and some quality relaxation time with your closest girls to help you unwind and clear your mind in the midst of wedding planning. Take a sigh of relief and get your pampering on.

You could even have a spa day a few days before the wedding so your beauty treatments will still be fresh for the big day.

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