Determining what food to serve on your wedding day is no small task. There are multi-tiered variables that will affect making a sensible choice, such as, party size, length of time and family traditions. We’ve created a checklist of questions to ask yourself to ensure you’re on the right track.

1. Cocktail Hour?

If you choose to have a cocktail hour in between the ceremony and reception, providing light hors d'oeuvres is a considerate and responsible decision. If guests are going to be mingling and drinking, it’s best to keep something of substance in their stomachs until the main course is served.

2. Plated or Buffet Style?

Another major decision that will affect what type of food to serve is whether the dinner will be plated or buffet style. If it’s plated, more elaborate options like steak or chicken with sides makes sense. Note: make sure you hire a caterer that has warming ovens or quick access to a fully stocked kitchen in case the food isn’t proper temperature. If it’s buffet style, a taco or pasta bar are fun ways to serve dinner.

3. Traditions

If you’re Italian, it’s likely that Rigatoni alla Vodka and garlic bread are desired pairings for the reception. Or if you’re Indian, Tikka Masala might be of interest to incorporate into the menu. It’s important to include any traditions in the menu that resonate with the happy couple and their families. Food is one of the main forums we can indulge in to connect with our heritage, and on such a memorable day, ponder what foods tug at your heart strings.

4. Don’t Forget Dessert!

Over the years dessert carts and bars have become increasingly popular. Based on popular demand, it’s only right for us to suggest that desserts be heavily considered. Whether it’s a cupcake tower, multi-leveled cakes, macaroons or a chocolate fountain, keep it classy and easy to devour.

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