When thinking about reception design, you may not realize it, but most of the “wow” factor comes from lighting!

It’s the truth… think about it. When you enter a venue for a reception, what is the first thing you notice? It may be the decor, the setup, the dance floor… but none of that would stand out to you the same way without the lighting of the room.

Lighting truly sets an ambience for a wedding reception. This applies to both indoor and outdoor weddings and is a key component to directing how your wedding photos and videos will turn out as well.

A dimly lit, romantic room can create an intimate vibe for a newly married couple to share with their guests. And a well-lit outdoor reception can be breathtaking and perfect for flash photography. Lighting makes all the difference to set the mood of your special day!

A dark room with flashing or colored lights can create a party vibe to encourage dancing and a good time. Flashing strobe lights may accommodate a DJ set at a reception and create a dance-forward, club-type mood.

Brightly lit receptions help guests focus on the decor and specific details that the happy couple may want you to notice. This could be done with tasteful chandeliers or large lighting fixtures placed around the room.

Even if the wedding is during the day, lighting still matters! It can provide soft, romantic hues, combat sun angles at different times, and help the wedding photographer and videographer grab amazing shots.

So, how do you choose the best reception lighting for you? Well, there are a few things to consider.

1. What mood do you want to set?

Do you want to create a party vibe with darker lighting design, a romantic vibe with soft lighting, glam-forward lighting with pink and purple hues, or vibrant, fun lighting with different or rotating colors? Think about how you want people to enjoy the wedding and the mood that you want to set, consult with your wedding planner, or event space coordinator, and go from there.

2. What lighting is in your inspiration photos?

This may be something that you have not considered yet, but what style of lighting do you appreciate in other weddings? Scroll through Pinterest, look at your photographer’s Instagram feed and really pay attention to lighting. This will help steer you in the right direction.

3. What does the venue recommend?

Certain venues may recommend particular lighting styles for the space and your number of guests. Speak with them before proceeding with lighting choices, and work with them to achieve the perfect reception lighting of your dreams.

4. Indoor or outdoor?

If your wedding reception will be outdoors, consider what type of lighting will illuminate the dark (if it will be held in the evening.) Do you want candles in addition to lanterns and other large sources of light? Or do you want a darker vibe with table lamps and lighting? Your band or DJ will also need special lighting to help guests see their entertainment, so consider that as well.

5. Cost

With all wedding planning items, cost will always play a factor. While lighting is proven to be an important factor in your reception design, don’t feel the need to overdo or stress your budget too much! Items like extravagant chandeliers and things that need to be hung from the ceiling tend to cost a pretty penny, if you can’t swing it, investigate a more cost-effective options like stringing lights along the walls, or going more romantic with a bunch of candles on the tables to achieve that romantic glow.

As always, remember your wedding will be perfect because it is your wedding that you get to spend with your future spouse and your closest family and friends.

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