Having a garden party wedding is not only beautiful and classic but a very affordable option, too.

If you’re on wedding TikTok, have a Pinterest board, or partake in the occasional wedding-indulgence scroll on Instagram, chances are you’ve seen the garden party wedding trend. These weddings often have many bright, beautiful flower arrangements displayed, maybe a hanging flower installation, and multiple taper candles. They’re usually held outside and are basically the epitome of spring in wedding form.

This light, airy, spring-forward wedding trend has been popping up on all social platforms lately, pairing beautifully with pastel wedding theme colors and floral prints. Aside from being beautiful, this style of wedding is typically fairly affordable, as well. Garden party weddings are usually on the smaller side due to their intimate nature, but of course, they can be completely catered to the happy couple’s wedding needs (based on their guest lists.)

Since garden party weddings involve a lot of DIY and mismatched decor, they can be executed at a low cost. Besides being aesthetically pleasing, saving thousands of dollars typically spent on weddings is the REAL beauty of a garden party wedding.

Here are a few low-cost ideas to try for your garden party wedding…

1. Outdoor venue

Garden party weddings thrive in outdoor settings like backyards, parks, and other green spaces. This saves a ton of money on a large outdoor/indoor venue and event space. Hang some twinkly lights from trees and rely heavily on floral arrangements to liven up a small outdoor space. This simple decor also makes for a lovely transition from day to night.

2. Thrifted table settings

Having mismatched, quirky, eccentric table decor is part of the garden party aesthetic. This means that you can find colorful plates, glassware, vases, and accents at thrift stores like Goodwill. You can also thrift some mismatched colorful pillows for sitting if you want to add a boho flair. If you do set up tables, use long table cloths and thrifted or mismatched chairs.

3. Palettes as tables

If you’re in charge of setting up for your garden party wedding, you can DIY a cozy, laid-back table setting by using wooden pallets as tables. Throw floor cushions and blankets around the makeshift table and decorate it with your thrift finds. Your vision will begin to come together!

4. Mimosa bar

Since a garden party wedding makes sense to begin during the day, make it early afternoon and add a mimosa bar. Let your guests choose their toppings, choice of juice, and choice of fruit to mix in with champagne. This idea saves money on an alcohol package and beer and wine costs.

5. Photo ops

Like with any aesthetically pleasing and trending event, photo ops are necessary for this day and age. Create a floral-centric photo op around plant/ flower installation or set up a photo booth with garden-party-themed props. The laid-back nature of the wedding will make it easy to get several great photos of your guests being relaxed and having fun.

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