Although many couples may opt to hold separate parties for their “last night out” celebration, combining a wedding party for a night or weekend of good times in a fun destination has many perks. For example, money will be saved by everyone throwing in to contribute to a rental home. This could mean a better destination, or more funds available for exciting activities throughout the weekend.

Combining a bachelor and bachelorette party also means that the bride and groom get to spend a fun weekend together with all of their friends. If a couple already has a large, close friend group, this is an excellent reason to celebrate together. The more the merrier, right?

Many brides and grooms would love for their favorite people to be in one room together, so a weekend together before the wedding is a given.

Having a combined party doesn’t mean that the bridesmaids and groomsmen can’t do their own specific activities during the day or before the “party” commences. It may be a fun plan for the ladies to go to brunch during the morning and the men to golf and then come together for dinner and a night out after the day’s festivities.

Here are a few ideas about how to have a successful Bachelor/bachelorette party…

1. Plan Activities

When planning a night out or weekend away for a large group, it’s necessary to plan out where you’ll go and what you’ll do. This includes making reservations for a large party, preparing for when businesses are open/closed, and hearing the many voices of the group to select activities. In the end, the planning and preparation that is done before the trip will pay off for a smooth and successful time.

2. Researching Rentals

If you are traveling for the combined party, make sure that extensive research is done on vacation rentals before nailing a place down. When accommodating a large group, it’s important to know where everyone will sleep and if the house will be spacious and accessible enough to fit everyone’s needs.

3. Delegate Duties

To make sure the joint bachelor/ bachelorette party runs smoothly, it’s important that multiple people have a task. This will eliminate too much stress and pressure on the bride, groom, maid of honor, and best man. Maybe put one or two people in charge of choosing restaurants, and another person in charge of daytime activities. This will help everyone feel heard and appreciated while evenly delegating tasks.

4. Fun Accessories

A great way to bring the whole group together for this exciting occasion is involving fun accessories. Think cowboy hats, t-shirts with the bride or groom’s face on them, or themed outfits that correlate together based on your weekend plans. This will make for fun photos and a great opportunity to come together as a group to pitch outfit ideas that you’ve seen on TikTok or Instagram.

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