Weddings can put guests out of their comfort zones for several reasons, but there are multiple ways to relax, let loose, and enjoy the event.

If you’re attending a wedding of a friend or family member, chances are that you care about them and want to help make their special day amazing. You can do this simply by attending their big day, but it’s important that you enjoy yourself, too.

With dancing, meeting new people, and other social activities, weddings can be intimidating to folks who tend to be slightly more introverted, or generally don’t know that many other guests. There are many ways to help you break out of your comfort zone at a wedding– let’s start with four simple tips.

1. Bring a Friend

If a plus one is allowed for the wedding you’re attending, by all means, do it! Bringing someone that you know well to this social event will ensure that you have someone to talk to throughout the day. It’s also easier to have a group discussion when there are two people together to talk to, so you may appear more approachable when meeting new people.

You can dance with your friends, eat with them, and do all of the wedding things. However, make sure that you and your plus one do not close yourself off in a corner during the wedding if you’re open to meeting new people together.

2. Wear Comfortable Attire

Don’t let your attire hold you back from having a good time. Sometimes what people wear can restrict them from dancing, moving around, and exploring a wedding venue. If you wear comfortable shoes and a dress or suit that allows for mobility, you’re more likely to have a better time in general.

Once you hear a song that you like, hit the dance floor with or without your plus one. The bride and groom will be getting down to the tunes, so join them and have fun.

3. Meet Other Guests Beforehand

If you’re hoping to make friends at the upcoming wedding, consider asking the bride and groom to put you in touch with other guests beforehand. You could include the bride and groom in a get-together, like a Sunday brunch, a hike, or a group dinner in the weeks leading up to the wedding. If you have much in common, you could become friends. Either way, you’ll definitely have people to hang out with at the wedding.

4. Spend Time with the Happy Couple

If you’re about to be a guest at a wedding, you’re likely pretty close with the bride and groom. Even though it’s their wedding day, they’ll want you to feel included and enjoy the celebration.

Spend some time talking to the happy couple and let them know that you’re glad to be there. They will introduce you to their other friends at the wedding, and you can establish further connections from there. They’ll want you to feel comfortable and remember the wedding in a positive light for years to come.

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