You’ve found the perfect venue to say ‘I do’ – but it’s entirely indoors. While that’s great for avoiding weather-related issues, it does pose unique challenges when it comes to capturing gorgeous wedding images. Photography relies entirely on light, so what do you do when you can’t rely on sun to illuminate your wedding photos?

Here’s some expert advice for getting beautiful indoor wedding photos from professional wedding photographers.

1. Find a Window

Just because you’re inside doesn’t mean you can’t still use Mother Nature to your advance.

“One of the best tricks for taking stunning indoor portraits is positioning the subject in front of the soft window light and turning down all indoor lighting. Windows also provide a great silhouette shot,” says Anthony Vazquez, President of Anthony Vazquez Photography.

2. Hire an Experienced Photographer

“I think an indoor wedding is more challenging than an outdoor event, so I would screen for a photographer who has done several and can share examples,” advises wedding photographer Liz Banfied.

And don’t just look at their best shots – ask to see full galleries. Look for photographers who have worked in a similar space and whose aesthetic matches your personal style.

3. Add Candlelight

Candles are a romantic and easy way to add extra light to a dark indoor space. Banfield recommends placing candles of varying heights at your reception tables. “At least one candle per person at the table and more is always better,” she adds. Just be sure to check your venue’s policy regarding open flames or consider a fake candle alternative.

Also, avoid placing anything directly in front of the newlyweds. “You want great pictures of the bride and groom smiling, toasting and kissing at the table. When you’ve got large things blocking them, it makes it really hard,” explains photographer Charlotte Jenks Lewis.

4. Bring in Extra Lights

You should also ask if your photographer is planning to bring in extra lights to help brighten things up, especially for portraits. “An off-camera LED lighting will infuse any portrait with a touch of drama. A ring flash will provide the most perfect diffused light for those stunning editorial shots,” says Vazquez. “Having a range of lighting equipment is a definite must for capturing an indoor wedding.

5. Turn Off Overhead Lights

Overhead lighting can be harsh and very unflattering. “If it’s an option, I usually prefer to completely turn off (or way down) any overhead lighting. The one exception is that crystal chandeliers break up the light in a very pretty way sending highlights all over the room,” says Banfield.

6. Embrace the Space

You chose your venue for a reason, so look for ways to show it off! “I really like using available light. I like including chandeliers in shots. I like wide shots that show a big, beautiful space, so that you are really capturing the feeling of the space and the atmosphere,” says Jenks Lewis.

7. Work with a Lighting Vendor

Finally, if you can afford it, consider hiring a professional lighting consultant. They have the knowledge, expertise and equipment to ensure your space is optimally lit so you pop in pictures.

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