Wedding stationery does more than just tell guests when and where to show up; it also communicates the style and overall vibe of your event.

For example, is it a formal, black tie affair or a casual backyard soiree? Will it be funky and eclectic or super classic and elegant? All of this can be expressed with the right invites.

Of course, finding the “right” stationery design is easier said then done. To get started, do a little research to figure out what you like and don’t like. And don’t be afraid to search outside the box for ideas.

“Look for inspiration in your everyday lives together – hobbies, jobs, pets, your city or town, even a favorite piece of furniture! A great invitation can come from anywhere,” says Amanda Mayer, owner of Athena and Aphrodite, a stationery design company.

Another great place to find inspiration: other couples’ wedding invitations. Here are eight of the latest trends to help spark your creativity.

1. Mixed Metals

Shimmery metals have been a growing trend for everything wedding-related in recent years, including stationery. “Gold foil has been very popular, but we're starting to see other metallics like bronze, copper, and silver. Couples are also opting for mixed metallics, which really makes invitations shine!” says Mayer.

2. Watercolor Paints

With its sheer coloring and dreamy aesthetic, this trend is perfect for couples planning a fairytale style wedding. Watercolors are a versatile medium, so the style can be used to depict everything from abstract flowers to a custom portrait of the wedding venue.

3. Minimalist Design

This trend is perfect for couples tying the knot in a contemporary setting, like an industrial space or art museum. “Minimalistic invitations is a new trend this year,” says Mayer. “Clean lines with sparse text and lots of white space provide a welcome opposition to the invitations packed with maximum information and tons of color.”

4. Luxurious Details

Have a flair for the dramatic? Couples who are a bit “extra” should consider adding luxurious details to their invitations, like “velvet envelope liners, leather envelopes and accents or unique handmade papers,” advises Jordan Kentris, owner and designer of boutique design firm A Good Day Inc.

5. Cosmic Creations

Today’s couples are star stuck for celestial wedding motifs. “More and more brides and grooms are bringing the heavens into their weddings. We've seen a lot of constellations, starry skies, and lunar invitations and that will continue this year,” says Mayer.

6. Unexpected Materials

Think invitations can only be made out of paper? Think again. Modern couples are using everything from acrylic to fabric to create one-of-a-kind (and durable) stationery.

7. Mapped Out

Another way couples are personalizing their stationery is through the use of geography. “A custom detail that we provide is a map, whether it is of the area around the venue showing parking and hotels or a map showing different events and places to visit during the wedding weekend,” explains Gina Peterson, owner and designer at Ginger P. Designs.

8. Natural Features

Take a note out of Mother Nature’s book by incorporating organic-inspired designs into your stationery. A wreath motif, for example, are perfect for a classically romantic wedding while palm leaves are great for a trendy tropical event, or, you can add pressed flowers for a more vintage feel.

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