Who, what, where, when and why: a well-thought-out invitation will tell guests everything they need to know about what's in store.

Stationery Solutions

With a world of colors, fonts, papers and print styles to choose from, pinning down the right design takes some thought.

To get started, hit the streets, says Ara Farnam, founder of Rock Paper Scissors Events. "Pop into a stationery store to see and feel some different styles and get an understanding for the differences between printing processes."

Print Prices

Letterpress invites - produced by pressing a sheet of paper onto movable, raised type - can cost more than twice as much as flat, digitally printed cards. Get letterpress style while cutting costs by printing in just one color of ink, suggests Rachelle Schwartz, co-owner of Wiley Valentine.

"It's a great way to still get a fabulous letterpress invitation," she says.

While a great invite can make a wedding design more cohesive, remember that it won't make or break your day. "If you end up making changes to your décor, don't sweat it," Farnam says. "At the end of the day, guests will remember the elements of your reception more."

Keep It Simple

"Keep the design simple!" says Farnam, which is what today's couples seem to be doing, as experts note the recent resurgence of letterpress invitations. The trend shows "a move towards a simpler invitation that is beautiful for its font or layout as opposed to intricate folded layers, vellum or ribbons," Farnam says.

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