Friend & Family Recipe Book

For a sweet (or savory) reminder of loved ones, Rachel Bowes, owner of Seattle-based Finch & Thistle Events, suggests including a blank recipe card with your invitation, as well as a note requesting that guests scribble down a favorite recipe (and why it’s meaningful) and bring the card to the wedding. At the reception, set up a table where guests can then affix their card to a classy notebook, and find blank cards if needed.

Guest Book Box

Decorate a heart-shaped box (with a lid!) and either cutting out or buying a stack of heart-shaped pieces of thin cardboard – at least one per guest. You can then either set up a table or hand out the hearts during dinner. After all the guests write their messages, the hearts are placed in the box, which is then sealed and not to be reopened until your first anniversary.

Place Mat Questionnaire

Bowes loves this idea because it can both keep guests busy and add another décor element to your tables. All it requires is typing or handwriting questions about you and/or your guests on a standard-sized piece of paper or cardstock, or purchasing a template at Put a copy at each setting.

Wall Hanging

First select a large picture that you love – a photograph of you together or a place that you both love, or a painting that you would like to hang in your home. Display the picture at your event, along with instructions for quests to write their well wishes on the “canvas.”

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