Colorful foliage, temperate weather, tasty seasonal flavors — there’s so much to love about autumn. It shouldn’t come as a surprise, then, that fall has officially surpassed summer as the season of choice for weddings. According to The Knot, seven of the 10 most popular wedding dates in 2017 were in October and September.

Thinking of saying ‘I do’ as the leaves change? “Be bold and stay original, advises Misty Damico, owner and creative producer of Luxe Event Productions. “Don’t just think you need leaves, pumpkins and shades of orange and purple in the fall. Play off the season, but don’t fall into clichés because of it. It's a sophisticated time of year.”

Here are six trendy décor ideas to ensure your autumn nuptials are stylish instead of spooky.

1. Deepen the color scheme.

Be bold with your palette by leaning into the mood of the season. A dark color scheme featuring deep burgundy, rich berry tones, emerald green or even black makes for a dramatic and luxurious look.

2. Draw from nature.

Let Mother Nature be your wedding designer by utilizing natural foliage, produce and other elements in your décor. Instead of garlands of greenery, consider incorporating grasses such as wheat and pampas, suggests Damico.

Other natural decoration ideas include: building an archway with branches; incorporating colorful leaves into your escort cards; creating centerpieces of seasonal fruits or painted gourds; or displaying bundles of cotton in glass cases.

3. Play with patterns.

Damico also recommends adding depth and interest to your wedding décor by incorporating fall-inspired prints. Cover your chairs in Pendleton-style fabrics, trim your signage in simple chevron patterns, or top off your tables with plaid runners.

4. Go geometric.

Make a statement with bold geometric shapes. While this trend works anytime of year, it pairs especially well with fall. Consider adding candles in geometric terrariums to your tablescape or utilizing a chic metal cake topper featuring your initials in an octagon. You can even say ‘I do’ under the canopy of a gold hexagon for a modern twist on the traditional arch.

5. Keep things cozy.

Embrace the cooling temperatures by layering textures and fabrics throughout your wedding. Velvet, for example, is increasingly popular and can be utilized in everything from furniture to backdrops. Or, create a visually stunning table setting by utilizing plates, chargers, cutlery and glassware made of contrasting materials.

6. Incorporate wooden elements.

Even if you don’t get married in the forest, you can add a rustic touch to your wedding with wooden décor. Keep it simple with clean chestnut tables at your reception, seat your guests on maple benches for the ceremony, or point guests in the right direction with painted wood signs.

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