Weddings are expensive. According to The Knot, last year, the average couple spent just over $33,000 on their big day.

For couples on a budget, every dollar and even every cent matters. Here are four ways to cut your wedding costs without sacrificing a thing (and don’t worry, your guests will be none the wiser).

1. The Postage

You might think of stamps as being pretty inexpensive – after all, one Forever stamp is just 49 cents. Multiply that by your number of guests, though, and that figure can be much more than you expected, especially if you’re also planning on including stamps for RSVPs. While mailed invitations are pretty much non-negotiable when it comes to traditional etiquette, online RSVPS are totally fair game and can help save you money on both added stationery and stamps. Keep things simple and include information about your wedding website and online RSVPs on your printed invites.

2. The Floral

Melissa Caceres, president of Events on a Budget, says the hands-down best area couples can trim money on a wedding without anyone noticing is by swapping in different types of flowers.

“Many times, clients come to us with an inspiration of what they want without taking into consideration the types of flowers, which can many times be quite costly,” Caceres says. “Based on our experience and understanding our clients wants, we offer cost-effective options using similar but less expensive floral options that can save money without compromising style and décor.”

3. The Rigid Mindset

While you might have a list of all the elements you’d like included in your wedding, from chocolate fountains to designer dresses and high-end favors, when it comes to budget, sometimes something’s gotta give. Caceres, who’s been in the wedding industry for over 13 years, says that preliminary research, setting a reasonable budget and shopping around are great first steps for sticking to a certain dollar amount. Another way to save money is to be flexible, Caceres says. Being open and making concessions along the way (such as deciding to forego the chocolate fountain after all) can help save money in the long run.

4. The Extras

Hidden costs that couples may forget about, according to Caceres, are those extras many couples like to add to receptions like photo booths, uplighting, and specialty dessert stations. When it comes to cutting back, opt to forgo some of these extras. After all, unless you tell them, your guests will likely never know about all the bells and whistles you were originally dreaming of having.

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