There’s no doubt — throwing a wedding is expensive. But it’s not exactly cheap to be a guest either.

According to a survey by American Express and Ebiquity, Americans were expected to attend an average of three weddings in 2016 and spend about $703 per event. That’s a 5 percent increase from 2015. This spending includes clothes, travel, gifts and any other wedding related expenses.

Millennials planned to spend even more at $893 per big day – a 27 percent increase over the general population.

And if you’re a member of the wedding party, you’ll need to save a bit more; about $743 to be precise. This includes airfare, wedding attire and childcare costs.

“While being part of a wedding party is an honor, the pre-events and day-of costs can add up,” said Jed Scala, Senior Vice President, Consumer Lending at American Express in a statement. “On the upside, the ‘big day’ itself can provide guests with a reason to indulge, enjoy a night out and even travel if it’s a destination wedding.”

The study also looked at spending on gifts. A majority of respondents (37 percent) also planned to purchase presents off of the couple’s registry, followed closely by cash (31 percent). Guests anticipated spending an average of $127 on gifts for family members and only $99 on friends.

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