While wedding cake is the mainstay of wedding desserts, many brides and grooms opt to also have a dessert table for a variety of indulgences, which in itself is a great way to cater to many types of dietary lifestyles

With many people today having some dietary restriction — dairy, gluten, nuts, vegan — bakers can create many different concoctions to suit everyone’s needs.

Brides and grooms shouldn’t have to have food that they can’t eat at their wedding. If the couple is gluten-free, then all of the food served at the wedding should be gluten-free because you don’t want to run the risk of cross-contamination and getting sick during or after the wedding.

Nowadays, many bakers can take classic dessert favorites and make them in a way that accommodates a variety of dietary needs. You can do almost anything that's at a normal dessert table in vegan style.

While guests who don’t have dietary restrictions may turn up their noses at the thought of a vegan or gluten-free dessert, there are many substitute ingredients such as vegan butter that look the same and taste the same.

When deciding what desserts to offer, it’s best to build a menu around the theme of your wedding. Create a dessert table for a wedding in December that has a wintery theme, with gluten-free snowflake cupcakes, gingerbread men and other seasonal fare, or cookie bars that feature a variety of cookies and milk.

To help food-sensitive guests know which desserts are safe to eat, label tables with ingredient signs. For extreme sensitivities such as nut allergies, bakers can color-code desserts or set up different tables on opposite sides of the room.

For a wedding where the father was gluten-free, offer some vegan desserts and some vegan and gluten-free desserts. The gluten-free were in different colored wrappers and put on the other side of the room so those people would know which ones were there.

Separate tables and color-coded wrappers aren’t a scarlet letter for these alternative desserts, however.

You may find that most of the time the guests have no idea they’re eating gluten-free.

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