There may not be a crimson aisle runner, but your wedding certainly is a red-carpet day. And when it comes to your wedding makeup, hair and nails, it’s easy to outshine your natural glow. Here’s how to get big time glamour without going over the top.

Hair stylist to the stars Ken Paves may work with A-list clientele like Jennifer Lopez and Jessica Simpson, but when he styles a bride, he warns, “The most important aspect to choosing your wedding-day hair is to stay true to yourself. Most brides want to look like a Hollywood star, but your wedding is not the day to channel your inner celebrity.”

Despite being a spectator sport, Paves reminds brides that the wedding day is about the you and your husband-to-be. “You want to take the breath away of one person – the man at the end of aisle.” Avoid too much input from friends and remember: He wants to recognize the woman he fell in love with.

Makeup without Made Up

“Keep it classy, not sassy,” says makeup artist David Maderich, who regularly beautifies brides-to-be. So how does Maderich keep it red carpet while keeping it real? “Use a neutral color palette. This same palette works for all skin types, just with varied intensity depending on the individual.”

Avoid looking like a washed out Snow White and put your best face forward. And while your wedding day flies by, the pictures last a lifetime. To capture that timeless look, focus on eyes, cheeks and lips.

Pump up your lashes without caking on the mascara by faking it. Maderich suggests individual false eyelashes, not an entire strip of lashes; using a whole strip can create a less-than-elegant look, which no bride wants on her big day. When it comes to color on the lid, skip the blues, purples and greens, and stick with taupes, blacks and browns. Add shimmer by blending with a metallic tone.

When getting cheeky, subtle suits. Your complexion should be dewy with a hint of color, avoiding all red tones. “You want a pinkish, golden color.” Maderich recommends Nars ‘O’ Blush, “It looks good on everyone,” he says.

When it comes to your kisser, “you want your lips to look as though they have just been pinched,” according to Maderich. A plum shade accomplishes this best. Always follow with a gloss to keep fresh and moist, and avoid using a lip liner on the wedding day. Color will eventually fade leaving a ring around the lips.

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