Want your wedding to be all that and a bag of chips? Better lace up your Doc Martens and grab your Tamagotchi because the 90s are back – even for weddings.

“The 90s are back in full force in the fashion world, so it's no surprise that's spilling over into weddings,” says Cindy Savage, wedding planner for Aisle Less Traveled. “Cultural trends, including art, fashion and design, always affect what's popular in event styling and decor. Weddings are no exception.”

Want to create an event that transports your guests back to the best decade of the 20th century? Here are a few ideas for incorporating the totally awesome theme into every aspect of your wedding.

1. Draw from Fashion Trends

While your bridal gown shouldn’t feel like a costume, you can easily incorporate some classic 90s trends into your look. Bridal separates with crop tops, for instance, have been a mainstay on the runway in recent years.

If the stomach-baring look isn’t for you, consider utilizing other popular styles from the decade, such as a chic, minimalist slip dress or a gown with a spaghetti strap or halter-top neckline.

Last but not least, finish off your nod to the 90s with a choker necklace or – if you’re feeling brave – a pair of platform shoes.

2. Have Fun with Your Hair and Makeup

Pair your 90s-inspired bridal gown with equally period-appropriate beauty trends.

“The hairstyles of the time were fun without that 80s level of crazy. What was big at the time was being an individual – whether that meant mini buns, crazy braids, half-up-half-down or even crimped hair,” says Merida Alexander, Owner of Events By Merida.

For your makeup, Alexander suggests skipping the dark lip liner/light lipstick combo that was quintessential of the decade. Instead, consider rocking a fully dark lip or adding a bit of sparkle in your eye shadow or highlighter.

4. Embrace Your Inner Child

Whether you were an actual kid during the 90s or not, embrace the spirit of the decade by incorporating plenty of fun into your big day.

• Turn your invitations into “cootie-catchers” or folded fortune tellers.

• Incorporate childhood favorite treats like Pop-Tarts, pizza bagels or gummy candies into your menu.

• Include throwback hits from Britney, OutKast and Backstreet Boys on your playlist.

• Let your guests be big kids by turning your cocktail hour into game time with popular toys like a giant game of Connect Four or Jenga.

5. Find Inspiration in Pop Culture

Decor wise, I would go straight for the pop culture of the time – music, movies, TV shows,” says Alexander. “’Friends’ is a popular one, simply because of the humor and heart behind it. I've even seen people go with Lisa Frank styled decor!”

Another fun idea: use your favorite popular references as names for your table names complete with pictures.

6. Go Bold with Patterns and Colors

When it comes to design, the 90s were a go big or go home kind of decade. “The bright and bold colors from the 90s are really easy to incorporate when it comes to florals, linens and backdrops,” says Leah Weinberg, Owner and Creative Director of Color Pop Events.

You can either really go for and use color everywhere, like aqua tablecloths paired with bright pink accents and yellow florals, or stay more conservative by adding just pops of color, such as bold table runner against a natural tablecloth.

“Mixing and matching is always fun, too,” adds Weinberg. “So, couples shouldn't be afraid to play around with different color combinations or mixing prints together.”

7. Supply Old-School Favors

Finally, let your guests take a bit of the decade home with a favor straight out of a time machine. Things like slap bracelets inscribed with your wedding date; custom temporary tattoos; boxed up Ring Pops; or even a mix CD with your favorite 90s hits are all fun and memorable options.

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