Your wedding is one of the golden moments of your life. So, make it shine with a metallic color palette. Metallics can bring high-glam intensity and shimmer at your big event, but their versatility and staying power also adds to their popularity.

"In a sense, they become the new neutral because white and ivory can get flat. They make it a little more interesting and add depth and dimension," says Angela Margolis, who, along with Erin Sprinkel, is the co-founder of event planners Sterling Social.

While wedding couples have been shining in metallic for years, today's popular tones provide a warmer look. Couples have been shying away from platinum and silver in favor of copper and warmer golds like rose gold according to Stacey Sainato, founder and owner Peony Events.

To make your event shine, set the tone right from the start by weaving a metallic element into your invitations. "The invitation starts the feel. It's the introduction and first piece that your guests see," says Sainato. Metallic engraving, foil printing with letterpress, metallic threads and envelope seals can all tie invitation pieces together.

Your wedding attire can also make you stand out when you incorporate metallic accents. Some bridal dresses have metallic elements in the design, but Sainato says you can add complementary jewelry, sequined shoes or a metallic belt. Metallic tones are also perfect for the smallest details of your bridal look like a gold-tipped manicure or sparkly eyeliner.

Although it's harder to incorporate a metallic color into your groom's tux, you can still create a cohesive look. Margolis suggests adding a pocket square in a complementary fabric as a nice, subtle touch.

And don't forget to glam up your wedding party. "With bridesmaids' dresses, people are getting into the trend of playing with textured fabrics, which takes a fashionable approach instead of traditional bridesmaid dresses," says Margolis.

For the big day itself, think of your venue as a canvas and incorporate shimmery elements in this backdrop. If your venue already has some shimmer, go with fewer extra metallic elements. If you're working with a clean slate, feel free to use more.

For tables, look to unusual materials to bring some sparkle. Table runners made from mica and metallic vessels are items Margolis and Sprinkel have incorporated into their events and a few well-placed candles can really help pick up the shiny reflection.

Flower arrangements can sparkle with a metallic splash. "Some people spray paint leaves as well as adding gold leaf into floral arrangements, which makes it look elegant without it looking holiday festive," says Sainato.

If you can't decide which metal is your favorite, try mixing different tones together. "It can make that same statement on the wedding day because of all the complimentary tones," says Margolis. When mixing metals, Margolis advises using an all warm or all cool palette. Warm metals like copper, bronze, brass and gold "all work well together and complement each other, so things don't get flat in a space." Cooler metals like silver, chrome and champagne give a "lighter, airier effect."

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