As engagement season finally draws to an end (usually considered November through February), now is the time to start the next phase: planning. Here are some of the latest trends to consider for your 2019 nuptials according to industry experts.

1. Bold Colors

With vibrant Living Coral as the Color of the Year, it shouldn’t be surprising that wedding palettes are trending toward bright and bold.

“Adding in a pop of fuchsia with pale pink is a fresh take on the muted color palettes of the past several years,” explains Gretchen Culver, owner and creative director of Rocket Science Events. “Clients want to reflect the joy of their wedding through their choice of colors. Yellows, reds, pinks and oranges are warm, cheery and uplifting.”

2. Greenery

The buzz around Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s fairytale nuptials, which prominently featured green foliage, will keep the greenery trend going, says Culver.

To achieve this look for your own wedding, incorporate leafy plants, such as ferns and eucalyptus, into your tablescapes, bouquets and archways.

3. Statement Desserts

Looking for a “wow factor” for your wedding? Consider going big with your dessert. Experts expect to see more couples opting for sculptures of cake, towers of macrons and other artistic displays of desserts over simpler sweets.

4. Pre-Ceremony Bites

Another big wedding food trend: snacks before the festivities even begin.

“Probably my favorite trend that is gaining momentum is that of pre-ceremony food and beverage,” says Culver. “What a nice gesture to offer guests something upon their arrival to the wedding! It is a very memorable first impression and sets the tone for the rest of the evening.”

5. Velvet Everything

The hottest fabric for 2019 nuptials is velvet. From table runners to bridesmaid dresses, this lush linen is the perfect way to add warmth and sophistication to your wedding vibe.

6. Lighting Upgrades

Nothing is less flattering than florescent lighting. Take your reception to the next level by renting a different light source, such as lanterns, neon installations or up-lighting.

7. Sunday Nuptials

Fridays and Saturdays are the most traditional – and most popular – days to tie the knot. As more and more couples extend their festivities into weekend-long events, an increasing number are opting to say ‘I do’ on Sunday.

8. Installations

“Couples are looking for their personalized Instagrammable moment,” says Culver. “Selfie stations made of boxwood walls and neon lights, crazy seating charts, and custom food displays are just a few ways installations are working their way in to weddings.”

9. Personalized Touches

Everyone is looking for ways to make their wedding more meaningful. If you’re having a small wedding, consider writing personal notes to your guests instead of a typical place card. Or, give your invitations a bespoke look by commissioning an artist to create custom illustrations.

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