Simple never goes out of style – even for a celebration as big as a wedding. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by color choices, consider one of the biggest trends in wedding palettes: neutral tones.

“We are seeing an influx of couples that love a neutral color story for their wedding, one that sets the tone for a romantic day and that has an extra layer of timelessness,” says Aleah Valley, co-founder of Valley & Company Events with her husband, Nick. “This color scheme can feel ethereal and breathtaking and quite effortless in nature and it can also look as striking in a sailcloth tent on the ocean as it does in a chic downtown loft.”

To ensure your neutral toned wedding is more fab and less drab, here are a few expert tips to keep in mind.

1. Expand Your Definition of Neutral

“When dreaming up a neutral wedding story, try to not be too literal. Focus on an assortment of neutral-toned elements such as sandy linens, beige invitations, and cream and white flowers with green leaves and stems peeking out,” advises Nick Valley. “Avoid trying to match a stark white linen to stark white paper with pure white flowers. Mother Nature may have another idea in mind!”

Pale pastels can also help bring life to a neutral wedding scheme. The Valleys recommend pairing mauve pink hues with oatmeal and taupe, but light blues, dusky sages and blushes are also popular “new” neutrals.

2. Choose Attire Carefully

Not every neutral works for everyone. Both Nick and Aleah say couples to consider which tones will complement your party and not leave them washed out.

“Neutrals can take on more depth through the fabric – a flowy white chiffon dress, a taupe taffeta ball gown skirt, or a smart pale gray linen fabric for a suit or dress can do the trick,” adds Aleah.

3. Keep Décor Simple

Avoid the urge to overcompensate for the lack of bright colors with busy décor. A minimalistic look with a few statement pieces will pair best with a neutral palette. Consider, for example, the understated power of crisp, clean tables featuring metallic accents and lush floral centerpieces.

4. Weave in Greenery

For a pop of color, nothing looks more natural against a neutral backdrop than fresh greenery. “Creamy tones paired with snowy whites and greenery can look quite timeless and romantic, and can be versatile through the seasons,” says Nick Valley.

You can drape garlands across the tables, hang climbing vines from the ceiling or just place a few strategic wreaths around the room for a chic and classic look.

5. Layer on Textures

Without color to lean on, it’s important to bring depth to your decorations with texture. Small details can make a big difference. At a recent winter wedding, for example, the Valley & Company Events team utilized oyster shell linens with a subtle pattern to add interest. Marble chargers, gold candle holders, faux fur seat covers or gauzy table runners are also all little, yet effective ways to enhance the atmosphere of your wedding – without overwhelming the color scheme.

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