You’ve found your match. The ring is spectacular! Your friends and family are thrilled upon hearing the news. The number one question you hear: “Where are you getting married?” If that destination wedding is out of the question and your guest list is growing then the pressure is on. You have to find a venue. It needs to be perfect.

Sure, you can always book the banquet hall at your parents Country Club, or your cousin just had her reception at the VFW… But you are looking for that WOW FACTOR! What is the WOW FACTOR? When your guests receive the invitation they will mark their calendars and look up the location. “Oh, this is the place that we went for your company holiday party…” “The wedding is right where our friends’ kids got married in 1998…” There is no wow factor here.

Wow fac-tor – noun informal

A quality or feature that is extremely impressive. Or A quality that makes someone feel excited or surprised when they first see something.

You need to find that venue that will show everyone that WOW FACTOR. A beautiful blooming springtime garden, an ocean view, the skyline of a big city all present your guests with that WOW FACTOR. For example when you walk in to Pazzo’s at 311 South Wacker Drive you step into a sunlit three story glass atrium with palm trees and water feature. When the sun goes down the atrium is bathed in city lights. Now that’s a WOW FACTOR.

Story and photograph courtesy of Pazzo’s